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You’re driving and all of a sudden you notice your ‘check engine’ light is on. What next? Campus Repair is here for you!

Check Engine Codes

Since 1996, nearly all vehicles incorporate microprocessors to detect if there is a problem in the smooth running of your vehicle. These small computers are responsible for the ‘check engine’ light coming on. They also record engine and related issues into a log that is kept electronically. This means that each time your ‘check engine’ light comes on, the reason for it is recorded in a code language called OBD (On-Board Diagnostics). Campus Auto Repair can read this record using diagnostic computers and tell you what’s been wrong historically.

Expert Car Diagnostic Services

Why is my ‘Check Engine’ light on?

Sometimes the check engine is activated because of a routine issue that is not urgent. Other times, the check engine light could mean that your vehicle needs attention immediately. Sometimes the check engine light comes on and goes off for no apparent reason. Other times it stays on through weeks of normal driving.

How is a driver to know if the engine check light is significant or simply needs to be reset?

Check Engine Light

If your ‘Check Engine’ light goes on:

  • See if there are other lights on – like the oil light or the temperature light. If they are, then the issue is likely more urgent and you should stop driving. If there are no other lights on, then pay attention to any out-of-the-ordinary sounds, smells, or changes in ‘feel’ from your engine. If you notice something, stop driving.

  • If there are no other lights on, and the engine seems to be running as before, then its best to make an appointment with a mechanic, but probably you can continue driving without jeopardizing your vehicle or your safety.

The check engine codes that are recorded on your vehicle’s computer are numerous and complex. Also, you need a device that can read the check engine codes in the first place. This means engine diagnostics are best left to an expert.

Campus Auto Repair is a certified diagnostician for nearly all makes of cars and trucks and will diagnose your engine quickly and efficiently.

General Diagnostics

Not all vehicle trouble involves the engine check light. If you notice anything – in the brakes, the suspension, the transmission, the exhaust, etc. we can do a proper diagnosis. Remember: the sooner you diagnose the problem, the less it will cost to fix!

And the safer you and your passengers will be.

Contact Campus Auto Repair for your car diagnostic service today.

General Diagnostics