Experienced & Reliable Fleet & Truck Repair Service in Fort Collins

Campus Repair understands just how important your fleet is to your business. Whether it’s 200 vans or 5 sedans, your fleet is integral to the optimal operation of your business. Breakdowns mean service interruptions, downtime for personnel and an unwanted expense.

Your business on the road is only as reliable as your fleet is!

That’s why Campus Repair is dedicated to providing fleet and truck repair service solutions for your corporate fleet.

With a capacity to handle 200 vehicles or more in a fleet, Campus Repair is dialed in to the stringent requirements of fleet companies. We offer comprehensive services, including maintaining vehicle histories, providing regular maintenance routines, and assuring the highest quality repairs.

Your car and truck fleet is one of your most valuable assets. Campus Repair ‘gets’ that. And we’re committed to making your vehicles last as long, and with as few problems, as possible.

car or truck fleet program
fleet and truck repair service solutions

If you are interested in discussing fleet service options with Campus Repair, make contact here.

A car or truck fleet program includes:

  • Full vehicle maintenance scheduling

  • Vehicle history reports

  • A variety of payment options

  • Exacting attention to detail—including deadlines, protocol and, of course, quality repairs

  • A nationwide warranty program – very convenient for fleet owners with vehicles in many states