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With our extensive knowledge of suspension systems on nearly all makes of modern vehicles, Campus Auto Repair is the place to turn when you’re experiencing that ‘shaky feeling’.

When it comes to suspension repair, our years of expertise have you covered, be it preventative maintenance or a major repair. Just like your brakes, the suspension of your vehicle is crucial for safe and proper driving. If anything is out of whack, your car could become a risk to yourself and to others.

As with any repair, we always recommend to not wait until it’s too late! By visiting Campus Auto for regular check-ups, you’ll save yourself lots of time and money in the future.

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Suspension System

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Your Suspension System: Comfort & Safety

A suspension system is the combination of shock absorbers, springs and other linkages that connect your vehicle to the wheels. The purpose of this system is to find a balance between two opposing goals:

  1. keeping all four wheels in constant contact with the road to ensure safe handling, and
  2. maximizing passenger comfort and providing isolation from bumps in the road.

Your suspension system is not just about keeping you comfortable—it’s also about keeping your vehicle on the road so you can keep handling it safely.

Usually suspension problems are subtle and occur over long periods of time. Sometimes, you may not even notice some potentially dangerous suspension issues on your vehicle. For that reason, it’s best to include suspension as a regular maintenance concern rather than a repair. Campus Auto Repair will always inspect your suspension whenever you bring your vehicle in for an oil change – at no additional cost.