Automotive Repair FAQs

There are many consumer unknowns when it comes to car repair, all having to do with what a garage or dealership will reveal about its practices and philosophies. We’ll try to take the mystery out of it, tell the truth, and be transparent. Let us know YOUR questions and we’ll answer them here in the future too.
Do you tow vehicles?

Yes, we have a great towing company, Crossroads Towing, that we recommend. They can get you off the side of the street and into our shop, pronto.

Why is it so important to change fuel filters?
When fuel filters plug up, even a little bit, it makes your fuel pump work harder causing it to overheat and fail. On newer cars, fuel pumps can easily cost $500 to even a $1000 to replace. Keep ’em clean!
How often should I get my car tuned up?
Every car is different and you should consult your owner’s manual to answer this.

That said, most cars require a tune-up approximately once every 60,000 miles.

My engine check light just came on. Should I bring my car in?
When your check engine light is flashing, it usually means that you have an emissions related failure. This type of problem will cause your car or truck to pollute the air more. It can also affect performance and mileage, so don’t ignore it.
Do I have to get regularly scheduled maintenance done by the dealer?
No. If your car is service by a professional repair shop, the manufacturer cannot void their warranties.
Does my coolant REALLY need to be changed periodically?
Yes. When coolant ages, it becomes acidic. This can create problems when the acid starts to eat away your gaskets and seals.
Why is it better to have routine maintenance done at a car repair shop rather than at a quick lube sort of facility?
The employees at franchised facilities are often trained to strictly do oil changes. Compare that level of competence with car repair mechanics who are all certified ASE and have been in the ‘belly of the beast’ so to speak, day in and day out. Your car will thank you for the attention of a real mechanic, even for routine oil changes.
What should I look for when purchasing a used car?

Come to us. We’ll look the car over for you. This is as inexpensive as scheduling a vehicle inspection and can save you a bundle if you were to accidentally find a lemon!