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The heating and cooling system in your vehicle is what makes driving your vehicle enjoyable and comfortable. Without it, hot, dry Colorado summers become unbearable, and frigid winters become teeth-chattering torture.

Campus Auto Repair mechanics are experts in automotive air conditioning repair and heating solutions. We are happy to give you a free estimate on any vehicle heating or cooling problem you’re experiencing.

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Automotive Heating and Cooling
Automotive Air Conditioning Repair

Automotive Air Conditioning Repair

Automotive air conditioners are complex and compact systems, and, for that reason, are best left to the experts to repair. They are housed in three different places on a car, and they use dangerous chemicals in their functioning. In fact, in many states it is illegal to use these chemicals without being professionally certified. Colorado is one of those states.

Sure, you could buy an AC recharge kit at a car parts store and attempt it yourself. But repair shop mechanics MUST be certified to repair AC systems.

If you’re having trouble with your car’s air conditioning system, you don’t have to suffer! Campus Auto Repair knows how hot it can get in a Colorado summer and we want to help you get comfortable again. Automotive AC repair work is affordable and efficient.

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Car & Truck Radiator Repair

Car & Truck Radiator Repair

If you’ve ever driven in the dead of winter in a vehicle that has spotty or non-existent heating, you know how bone chilling it can be. And frustrating too: all the heat that the engine is creating is doing nothing to keep you warm!

Car and truck radiator repair is one of Campus Auto Repair’s specialties. Because the heating system is connected to the all-important radiator, which helps keep your engine cool, a broken heating system can sometimes lead to a more serious engine problem. Don’t wait for your engine to overheat before you get your car radiator repaired! Once you notice a problem, visit Campus Auto Repair and we’ll tell you if it truly needs attention … or if it’s just an innocuous blower issue.

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