Superior Brake Repair in Colorado

When it comes top quality brake repair shops in Northern Colorado, look no further. For the safe and proper performance of your vehicle, its braking and suspension systems figure very highly. If something is wrong with either one, then two things happen: (1) your car becomes much more dangerous to drive, and (2) you risk damaging other components on the vehicle.

Campus Auto Repair is one of Northern Colorado’s leading repair shops for brakes and suspension. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Bring in your vehicle for regular check-ups and you’ll avoid costly re-builds in the future.

Superior Brake Repair

Brakes & Auto Repair with Your Safety at Heart

It goes without saying that your brakes are your vehicle’s primary safety system. If you sense or hear anything strange in your brakes, then it’s best to have them checked immediately. It’s just too important to wait!

Among the leading brake shops in Colorado, Campus Auto Repair offers comprehensive brake service options.

Here are some common brake issues that are seen regularly:

ABS Light Comes On

This means there’s a problem with your vehicle’s anti-lock brake system and you’ll need to bring in your car for anti-lock brake repairs. You can continue to drive the vehicle if this light comes on, but it can be potentially dangerous when you’re in an emergency situation. It’s best not to wait to do anti-lock brake repairs—you never know when you’ll need them!

Brake Warning Light Comes On

This could be the result of a number of things: low brake fluid level, leaking brake fluid, or improperly worn brakes. If your brake fluid isn’t low, or if the light remains on after you add brake fluid, then you may need replacement brake pads. Campus Auto Repair mechanics can determine if you need a brake overhaul or if your brake pads are okay. Replacement brake pads can be finished quickly, in as little as 1 to 2 hours.

Brakes Lock

When you brake, the vehicle skids or veers sharply to one side. This is most likely a problem with your brake calipers or brake rotors, and it should be addressed immediately. Brake caliper repair is essential, and the sooner the better—once your rotors have to be replaced you’re looking at a more expensive brake job.

Scraping Noise When You Brake

Usually this indicates metal-to-metal contact and a long overdue brake job. Brake caliper repair and brake pad replacements aren’t as pricey as total brake overhauls, so the sooner the better!

Squealing Brakes

This annoying problem can have a number of causes, but usually indicates vibration between the caliper and the brake pads. Often this can be an easy fix, but occasionally it’s a symptom of something more serious and needs attention. Bring the vehicle to Campus Auto Repair to quickly and confidently determine the severity of the problem.

Inquire about a brake repair estimate or Ask A Mechanic about your particular brake problem today.