If you are the “weekend warrior” who typically likes to tackle new and challenging household jobs, then you understand the satisfaction of completing a difficult chore that is usually reserved for professionals.  For those with that weekend warrior mentality, there are many small, simple, and quick tasks you can take on to maintain your vehicle as well.

In this month’s blog, we look at five easy maintenance tasks you can do yourself.  These tasks take little time, are not costly, and can help improve the efficiency of your vehicle.  Because every vehicle year, make or model is different, we do not review specifics for each task.  We suggest you consult with your vehicle owner’s manual, as well as a myriad of online videos and tutorials.

Windshield Wiper Blades
Many vehicle owners let their wiper blades deteriorate to a point where the blades cut down on visibility rather than improve it. Wiper blades are subjected to the hot sun, and cold, and the components can warp, tear, or crack.

Replacing them is easy if you have the right size, and brand. Make sure that when you are removing the blade, the wiper arm is secured so it does not snap back onto the windshield. This could result in cracking of the windshield. Don’t neglect any rear-window blades but remember they may be a different size.
15 minutes
Engine Air Filter
This item is sometimes inspected during a routine oil change and many times, vehicle owners pass on a new filter. The engine air filter keeps dust, dirt, and grime from getting into vital engine components. It can dirty easily, especially if you are driving on dusty or dirty roads often.
Consult with your vehicle owner’s manual about removing the old filter, but it is usually as easy as opening the clamps on the housing or unscrewing the top. If the filter appears very dirty, or you cannot see much light shining from the bottom (using a flashlight), then it’s time to replace it.
15 minutes
Cabin Air Filter
The cabin air filter is an important component that keeps the air inside your vehicle fresh and clean. If you suffer from pollen allergies, you want to have a clean filter. In most newer vehicles, the cabin filter is located behind the glove compartment. It’s usually as easy as removing the glove compartment, and then unscrewing the housing to take out the old filter. The more difficult task in this one is getting the glove box disabled so you can get in to remove the filter. Consult with your owner’s manual or online for your specific vehicle year, make, and model and the location and replacement of the cabin filter.
15 minutes
Battery Terminals
Your vehicle’s batteries can become corroded for various reasons. You will most often notice corrosion at the terminals where the cables are attached to the battery. It may look like fungus or a white powdery substance. The good news is you can clean this corrosion off and keep your battery operating effectively. Because this task involves exposure to electrical charges, make sure to review and follow all safety guidelines. This includes using the proper safety equipment for eye protection, rubber gloves, and making sure any removal of cables is done in the proper order.
15-20 minutes
Window Tracks
Your vehicle’s windows are designed to roll up and down smoothly along a track. There are times when freezing water or dirt can get trapped in the track and create obstacles for the windows. This may slow down the up and down movement. If you notice that your windows are not as smooth as they used to be, you can easily lubricate the tracks. Simply purchase a spray lubricant (preferably a dry silicone spray) and using the thin nozzle, spray along the tracks on the front and back of each window. Then, roll the window up and down a few times to spread the lubricant along the track. If any excess lubricant is on the windows, use a paper towel and glass cleaner to remove.
10 minutes

If you have a few extra minutes on the weekend, get busy and take care of some simple maintenance tasks.  In the end, you will be satisfied that you played a role in increasing the lifespan of your vehicle’s components.

If the weekend warrior is not your style, give us a call at Campus Repair to schedule a maintenance appointment.  We can address these items, or any other maintenance tasks that may concern you.