2007 Saturn Aura is not blowing hot air

Ask A Mechanic2007 Saturn Aura is not blowing hot air
admin Staff asked 5 years ago

My 2007 Saturn Aura is not blowing hot air. In the summer it wasnt blowing cold air.

Also my break lights turn on while I’m driving and go off when I push down on the breaks.


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admin Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Tanya!
The reason your car may not be blowing hot or cold air when you want it is either because there is a non related issue in the engine cooling system and the a/c system simultaneously, or there is an issue with the blower motor that blows the hot/cold air into the passenger compartment. Both are equally possible, you may be able to tell which type of problem you have if you put your hand over the vent and feel if there is airflow- if there is and you can control the fan speed to increase it the problem is with the heating and A/C system. If you don’t feel airflow but you can feel a little warmth chances are the blower motor is not working. We can diagnose the problem either way for $98
Onto your other issue- if the red parking brake light comes on on the dashboard that means there is an issue with the brakes and you should have them checked ASAP. You could be low on fluid due to wear or a leak. 
Feel free to bring your vehicle to the shop whenever you would like and we would be happy to help you get these issues figured out!